Stable fly in ground effect, significantly improved ground clearance and even the short free flight.


Safety equipment and survival equipment according to the latest international regulations.


With a consumption of about 15 liters of diesel per hour (about 180 km) of SeaFalcon consumes about as much as a car.


A new technology for speed and comfort

Imagine going from your home in Miami Beach to your Bahamas getaway in 30 turbulence free minutes! Not cruising... not sailing... not flying... FLARING!!!

Flaring is the ultimate experience. You will ride on an air cushion 2 to 4 meter above the ocean at 180 km/h, the glasses of champagne on the table does not even wobbles ... turbulence free, in one of the safest means of transportation available. And whats best... you will land on your own doorsteps!

If you are looking for a stylish, convenient, fast, comfortable and safe way to and around your islands, the SeaFalcon is for you.

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Passion & purposefulness

Seafalcon GmbH concentrates all assets in a dedicated and focused company to bring the leading, stable, midsize commercialized WIG sea-craft in the market.

Seafalcon GmbH owns all rights, brands, scientific documentation (incl. CAD/CAM data), constructions, models and the prototype. Our motivated team combines experienced experts and enthusiastic engineers ...

But most important: We have a clear roadmap to success: we will make the worlds most sophisticated Wing in Groundeffect craft SeaFalcon ready for serial production!


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News & Events

We plan the idea of SeaFalcon at the following events:
Boat Show Miami
February 2017, Miami
Boat Show Palm Beach
March 2017, Palm Beach
Rio Boat Show
April 2017, Rio de Janeiro
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